Scuola Centrale Formazione

SCFnewScuola Centrale Formazione / Central Vocational Training School – Italy:

Association of Vocationa training bodies established in 1975. It is acknowledged by the Ministry of Labour as a National
Association under law 40/87. It has 44 associated members from 11 Italian regions and is member of Comité Européen de
Coordination, a EU network that gathers partners from 13 EU Countries. The total number of employees from its associate members is over 2000 persons working in 93 training centers. It cooperates with the Istrian Region in the project Love YOUR Heart coherently with its mission and in line with its Memorandum of Understanding. It takes part in the Steering Committee. It is responsible for the
WP3 (creation of a joint CVD prevention model) and it is the coordinator of WP 4 concerning training and education
activities. It coordinates the set up of an on-line resource centre and social network about CVD prevention and healthy.

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