Region of Istria

regione IstriaIstarska županija / Region of Istria – Croatia:

unit of regional self-government in Croatia, independent in deciding about activities in self-governing domains: spatial planning,
infrastructure, protection and improvement of natural environment, health. It provides conditions for the development of
childcare, social welfare, culture, sports and it coordinates the development and network of educational, cultural, health,
social, communal, and other institutions. It encourages feasible economic development, especially the development of
tourism, agriculture, and other branches of economy that do not damage and pollute the environment. The Department of
health and welfare monitors the situation and suggests measures directed towards improving and protecting health, as well
as preventing disease.

It is the lead beneficiary and through its Department of health and welfare (which is involved in this project) coordinates the project management in all fields. It is in charge of the STC establishment and of leading the partners and associates jointly through the project implementation. It is also directly responsible for WP 0,1,2,5 and 6  and it coordinates the dissemination of activities and the communication of the project results outside the partnership.

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