Istarski domovi zdravlja – Casa della salute dell’Istria

casa della saluteIstarski domovi zdravlja – Case della salute dell’Istria / Istrian Health Care Center:

The Istrian health care center is an institution that delivers primary health care through the whole Istrian region. The institution is organized through 6 branch offices and the main center located in Pula. In the Istrian health care center operates 12 GP’s, 2 internists, 1 neurologist, 1 physiatrist, 3 pediatricians, 5 gynecologist and 1 radiologist. There are also 42 “visiting nurses” operating in all the branch offices. They are special nurses with a bacc. degree. Their main duties are to care for the groups of people at various risks (pregnant women, newborns, puerperas, infants, young children, people with disabilities, chronically ill people, elderly people) by visiting them at their homes, schools and kindergarten. The visiting nurses also perform citizens education (workshops for pregnant women, groups for breastfeeding support, groups for weight reduction, diabetic groups, workshops for breast selfexamination) and health promotion in the local community (campaigns with blood sugar and blood pressure screenings).

The Istrian Health Care Center takes part in Project Steering Committee. With the help of other beneficiaries its staff will be educated and certified in the field of CVD prevention (according to the new CVD prevention model and skill certification system). They will be qualified for continuous citizen CVD risk factors screenings, for better networking with cardiologists and other specialists regarding high risk patients faster referring, for registration keeping and population education. It will reconstruct 3 rooms in its main building in Pula (WP 5) and establish a first CVD prevention center in Croatia with the scope of education, data dissemination and networking.

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