General Hospital of Pula

ospedale di polaOpca Bolnica Pula /General Hospital Pula:

General hospital Pula (OB) is the central and the largest health care institution in Istria. Over 160.000 inhabitants of Istria gravitate toward the hospital, and some 2500 are hospitalized annually. Around 450.000 patients a year use the polyclinic services. In the field
of CVD it has: a cardiology department with an intensive care unit, a center for diabetes; and the ambulatory treatment of cardiologic and cerebrovascular patients, as well as of patients with hypertension.

The General hospital of Pula takes part in Project Steering Committee. It contributes to the project in the way that it will enhance the CVD tertiary prevention in Istria (prevention of the CVD complications in patients) or in other words it will enable a practical implementation of a segment from the prevention model. In order to achieve that goal their professional will be continuously trained and certified in the field of CVD prevention and health promotion through the WP 4 activities. They will become future trainers themselves, not only for patients but for other professionals too. A special part of the Hospital will be set apart for a new CVD prevention – diagnostic center and equipped with medical supplies (WP 5) which will allow faster diagnostic procedures, increased
number of additional medical examinations and shortened waiting lists for high risk patients.

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