ULSS 14 Chioggia

logo ulss definitivo 60x60Azienda Unità Locale Socio-Sanitaria n. 14 di Chioggia / Local Social Health Corporate Unit n.14 – Chioggia:

ULSS 14 was created by merging Health Authority N. 32 – and N. 23. It is articulated in a Prevention Department, an
Hospital and a Social Health District. It is the territorial reference point ensuring continuously care.

ULSS 14 takes part in Project Steering Committee. It has its main roles in WP3 (creation of a joint CVD prevention
model) and WP 4 (training and education activities). In particular, it cooperates through its own staff and external experts also, to: professional roles and skills mapping, implementation of new curricula and testing through pilot training sessions addressed to doctors (general practitioners, in-hospital medical staff), nurses, social health workers, both in Italy and in Croatia. Staff (and also some external experts) from the ULSS will give lectures to health professionals (including peer education), as well as participate in other educational activities about healthy lifestyles targeted to schools and vocational training centers. It also takes care of the organization and carrying out of a public dissemination event in Italy about project achievements in terms of curricula and educational /awareness raising activities.

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