The project

“Love YOUR Heart” is a project co-funded by the European Union through the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme within the Second Call for standard projects.

It has started on 1/10/2012 and it will last 36 months.

The project consists in the preparation and the pilot implementation of a common cardiovascular diseases (CVD) prevention program in order to decrease morbidity and mortality of this major public health problem and biggest killer in the Adriatic Region.

By improving population’s health status LOVE YOUR HEART aims to create an essential prerequisite for the improvement of
competitiveness and sustainable development of the Adriatic Region in all their aspects.

The prevention program will be adapted to 3 specific situations in the involved regions: Northern Italy (the country with the lowest CVD mortality in the Adriatic Region), Albania (with the highest mortality) and Istrian Region (Croatia) which has a mean value.

Prevention will be carried out by strengthening the existing / creating new networks (intra/inter-regional, intra-national and international) in the cooperation of local authorities, health systems, educational systems and NGOs.

To achieve these objectives, LOVE YOUR HEART is articulated in the following actions:

1) needs assessments in the chosen regions emphasizing analysis of professional skills and existing resources involved in CVD prevention

2) development of a model of CVD prevention and new networks of cooperation among professional and institutions;

3) update and/or development of new curricula for health, education and training professionals with regards to CVD prevention

4) training of health, social health and education professionals through the exchange of cross-border knowledge and experience sharing

5) promotion of a process of accreditation of medical staff involved in CVD prevention through a feasibility study about voluntary professional accreditation

6) organization or establishment of new centers for health promotion and CVD prevention, diagnosis or rehabilitation within
partners’ existing structures in Croatia and Albania (investments in infrastructure and equipment included);

7) organization of  health promotion actions, media presentations, awareness and dissemination events

8) education of citizens, including minorities, about lifestyle and behaviour change.

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