Didactic treasure hunt about healthy food at the Artusian Festival

Between the two sessions of the educational activities in the didactic kitchen of Casa Artusi, students of the catering schools were protagonist of a photographic-treasure hunt on the theme of the Love Your Heart project along the stands of the Artusian Festival.

Here in attachment the Treasure hunt’s rules and the list of the 15 objectives to photo-shoot.

The participating students (32 in total) were divided into 7 teams of 4 people (on the average) supported by their tutors.

The final score was the sum of points based on the number of correct answers and on the originality and cuteness of the pictures. The team that completed first the list of the photo-shoot was awarded 50 additional points.

A “creative” award was also granted to the team that shooted the highest number of nicest pictures.

Here are the pictures of the teams at the arrival.


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