Project goals

The general objective of thr project is to strengthen the sustainable development capabilities of the Adriatic region by improving the health of its population as a necessary precondition for any progress; through a cross-border creation of health care systems networks.

The main long-term goal is to improve the population lifestyles and to decrease morbidity and mortality from the most fatal group of diseases in the Region – the CVD, as well as to the huge costs related to them.
The specific objectives are:

  1. to create the indispensable preconditions for an efficient CVD prevention trough the exchange of experiences between beneficiaries: the development of a CVD prevention model based on needs assessment that emphasized networking by using ICT, professional and citizen education, and resources and infrastructures provision.
  2. to develop a highly qualified CVD prevention sustainable program by using the existing and creating new international and intraregional networks with an integrative cooperation between governments, health institutions and civil society operating in the CVD prevention areas. The networks will be centrally coordinated and have defined protocols of mutual collaboration.
  3. to experimentally implement and evaluate a pilot action in order to:
    1. Test the developed professional educative toolkits on CVD prevention (medical and other sectors) and to test the developed health professionals skills certification system
    2. Test the citizens educative materials and observe the changes in their lifestyles
    3. Experimentally implement the work of the developed CVD prevention and diagnostic centres; and to evaluate the improvement of the processes of risk factors screenings, the velocity of providing care to high-risk patients and the improvement of the quality of their monitoring.
  4. the enhancement of the dissemination of evidence-based information on CVD prevention and the enhancement of the citizen awareness about the importance of caring for their own health will be achieved by the end of the project by using different means of dissemination adapted to the local situation and developing status (from modern ICT to simple flyers).

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