Outputs and results

a) a CVD prevention model proposal, a proposal of new networks and a repertory of professional profiles and their skills; Different curricula for professionals and toolkits;  guidelines for continuing professional certification .
b) different types of workshops for medical and non-medical professionals; a skill certification system tested, 30 auditors trained and 2 courses for NGO’s volunteers organized.
c) three CVD prevention centers reconstructed and established; medical and non-medical equipment purchased; and a new integrative software developed.
d)  the three centers will work for at least 15 months;  200 educative programs for citizens including minorities; risk factors screenings for 3300 citizens;  450 high risk patients will be refer to examinations.
e) an official website, a project logo; different educative toolkits printed. 28 awareness events; 100.000 copies of different awareness raising materials in four languages; 30 different media dissemination activities;  2 cross-border professional congresses and 4 regional meetings for professionals.
a) the creation of a joint CVD prevention model will ensure a systematic CVD prevention approach, better integration of existing services, increased guarantee of expertise and improvement of CB networking by the end of the project.
b)  the skill certification system will be tested on at least 30 health workers; 235 health workers, non-medical professionals and NGO members will be trained.
c) creation of the precondition for the improvement of CVD prevention and diagnostic services; the use of ICT will be enhanced in the health sector (the software will be used by at least 80 physitians).
d) 700 adults and 5000 children will be educated; 120 post stroke/heart attack patients will attend clubs programs; the number of several CVD diagnostic exams will increase by 100%.
e)  printed educative and awareness materials for citizens and professionals will be distributed; that the web site will be visited from at least
50.000 users; and that at least 220 professionals will attend the meetings.

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